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Who can use the Library Guide for Visitors (Japanese)
Nippon Medical School Central Library serves faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students of Nippn Medical School, students of affiliated schools, alumni/alumnae, and others who may be admitted on application to the Library Director.

《To enter/use the library, you are required to have a valid NMS identification card with you.》
* On your first visit to the library, contact the library staff through the intercom at the entrance, and register your ID card at the Circulation counter.
* Visiting researchers and students should apply for "Library user card" valid for a fixed period of time.

Library Hours Opening hours* Counter service hours
Monday - Friday 7:30 - 23:00 8:45 - 18:45  
1st Tuesday 12:00 - 23:00 12:00 - 18:45 
2nd & 4th Saturday 7:30 - 23:00 8:45 - 15:45
1st, 3rd & 5th Saturday 7:30 - 23:00 Not available
Sunday/public holiday
(including school anniversary and year-end & new-year break)
13:00 - 23:00 Not available
Days closed ・Period of inventory (3 days in the middle of August)
・Last working day of the year-end and
the first working day of the new year 
*You are required to receive a guidance session to apply for the use of extended library hours. For details, please refer to the "Early Morning/Late Evening & Weekend/Public Holiday Extended Library Hours Guide."
No librarian is on duty on 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays and Sundays/public holidays (including school anniversary and year-end & new-year break).
When any change is made on the condition above, an announcement will be posted in the library/on the library website. Library Calendar(PDF)

Early Morning/Late Evening & Weekend /Public Holidays Extended Library Hours Guide

You are to exit the library by 18:55 on weekdays, 15:55 on Saturdays, and only registered patrons are admitted to re-entrance after 19:00 (16:00 on Saturdays).


Monday - Friday   7:30 - 8:45, 19:00 - 23:00
2nd & 4th Saturday   7:30 - 8:45, 16:00 - 23:00
1st, 3rd & 5th Saturday   7:30 - 23:00

Sunday/Public Holiday  13:00 - 23:00
Available Services Browse materials
Use audiovisual room(7:30-18:30, 19:00-22:30 on weekdays only) )
Multimedia booths
Use computers for database search and electronic journals
Use coin-operated printer
Order documents by online system for inter-library loan
Process You are required to fill in an application form for "The Use of Early Morning/Late Evening & Weekend/Public Holiday Extended Library Hours," and receive a guidance session. For details, please contact the librarian.
□Be sure to use your own nameplate/ID card/library user card on entering & exiting.
□When finished using, make sure to turn off the lights, photocopy machines, computers, and printer.
*Borrowing books is not available. To return books, put them in the book return in front of the library entrance.
*When conditions above are ignored, the extended hour privileges are revoked from the patron.
*The serveillance cameras are operated for crime prevention purposes.
Stack Access All the materials are kept in open stacks. You can use any materials on the shelves within the library building. When you have finished using the material. be sure to place it on the return truck. Library staff return them to shelves.                       
Borrow / Return Library Materials     
Borrow Bring the materials to the Circulation Counter on the 1st floor, and present your nameplate/ID card/library user card.
Materials You Can Check Out & Loan Periods Books and audiovisual materials (CD-ROM・CD・DVD・videocasettes・slides・audiocasettes・laser discs) Two weeks
Materials You Cannot Check Out Periodicals, reference books (bibliographies, dictionaries, etc.), rare books
Renewal If you wish to keep the library material beyond its due date, bring it in person to the Circulation Counter with your nameplate/ID card/library user card. The due date may be extended 2 weeks from the date the request is processed. Renewal is not permitted if the item is reserved by others, or if it is an overdue item.
Return Return the materials to the Circulation Counter where they were checked out.
When no librarian is on duty, return them to the
Book Return in front of the library entrance.
Hold Request If the material you wish to borrow is out on loan, you may place a hold request so that it will be held for you upon return. To make hold requests, bring your nameplate/ID card/library user card to the Circulation Counter.
Overdue Materials If you keep an item beyond its due date, further borrowing and renewing of any material will be blocked until the item is returned. The borrowed item is considered lost if it is not returned within a fixed period after the final reminder, and your borrowing privileges will be suspended as long as one year.
Penalties for Lost or Damaged Materials

If you lose or damage a library material, you have to make a compensation for it by handing in a replacement copy. Please notify library staff as soon as possible.
Library materials are shared possession of library patrons. Please handle them with care.

How to find library materials                   
Search Library Materials Search for books and audiovisual materials → Online Public Access Catalog(OPAC)
Search for Journals  → Journal Search Electronic Journals
Search for the Reports of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour →Reports of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour
Location of Library Materials (PDF) (Japanese)

Reference materials (dictionaries・Indexes・Statistics・Pharmacopoeias・Encyclopedias, etc)

Subject specific bibliographies (Igaku Chuo Zasshi・Index Medicus)

Medical Student Reserve Collection (stacked in the window side shelves opposite to the elevator)
Materials related to Oriental Medicine

Reports of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour (i.e. Annual reports of the research committees on specific disease, The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan)

Audiovisual materials (CD-ROM・CD・DVD・videocassettes・slides・audiocassettes・laserdiscs)
Computers for database search & e-journals

Journals published after 2005.

Journal Citation Reports (includes list of Impact Factors) CD-ROM edition
The Cochrane Library CD-ROM edition

Journals published between 1993-2004 (some of the journals published between 1992 and 2008 are shelved here)

Scholarly Works of NMS faculty and staff, NMS Newsletters
Directories, proceedings, annual reports of academic societies (stacked in the westside shelves alphabetically according to the society names)

Newspaper back files

B2F(PDF) Pre 1992 journals
Some portions of books (former editions and those published approximately berore 1980)
Books are arranged according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine classification schedule supplemented with Nippon Decimal Classification Table for non-medical subject areas.
Japanese and foreign journals are intershelved in alphabetical order of titles.
When you cannot find the materials you look for

*Some journals are available electronically on the Library's website.

*It is possible that the item you wish to use is out on loan or at binding.

*When the item you need is not available in the NMS Central Library collections, you can make an inter-library loan request. You must observe the copyright restrictions upon requesting photocopies.
Using the Online System for Inter-library Loan, you can request photocopies and loans from branch libraries or other libraries. 
You need to register to use the Online System for Inter-library Loan outside the library.
When the item requested is held in one of the NMS branch libraries, it will arrive within 1 to 2 days. (It is sent through Inter-Campus Delivery. On weekdays, it can be obtained in the afternoon of the same day, when your request is submitted in the morning.)

When the item requested is at none of the branch libraries, it is ordered from other libraries outside NMS, and it takes about 3-14 days.

◎If you are in a hurry to obtain the item, you can visit other libraries yourself with a Letter of Introduction issued by the Director of NMS Central Library, and request a photocopy directly. 

◎When the item you need is not available in Japan, photocopies can be obtained form the National Library of Medicine(NLM), U.S.A., or British Library Document Supply Centre(BLDSC). Most items are received with in 5-15 days. The charge will be about 1300-2000 yen.

For details, ask a library staff in charge.

Various services    
Database Search
*Databases are available on the computers on the 1st floor. You can do your own database searching by accessing these services 24 hours a day from computers directly connected to the NMS network.
(*"Cochrane Library" can be used only on the designated PC on the 1st floor.)
You can find manuals here, and you can consult the library staff until 16:30 on weekdays. Consider attending the training sessions, too.
Wednesdays 11:00 PubMed Basics
Thursdays 11:00 IchushiWeb Basics

To print out the outcome of database search within the library, use the coin-operated printer (PDF: Learn how to use the printer).
(Standard black & white printout \10@page / fullcolor printout \50@page)

Reservations for Audiovisual room3rd floor: PDF <*Meeting room is no longer available after June 16, 2007, as it is turned into the telephone switchboard office.>

Audiovisual room may be used on a reservation basis.
Library will take reservations from the first working day of the previous month of use. You have to fill out a Reservation Application form for Audiovisual Room and hand it in at the Circulation Counter. The form is available at the Circulation Counter or here(PDF). Check room availability before filling out the form.

You may make a reservation by e-mail if you have used the room before. Download a Word file here, fill it out, and send it back as an attachement by the NMS mail system.
Reservation by telephone is not accepted.
Hours: 9:00-18:30 weekdays
Registered patrons for the use of Early Morning/Late Evening & Weekend/Public Holiday Extended Library Hours can use the room between 7:30-22:30 (18:30-19:00 excluded).

When you no longer need to use the room, be sure to contact the library staff and cancel the reservation in advance. If you fail to do so, your privilege to use the Audiovisual room will be revoked.
Reservations for Multimedia booths (1st floor) Multimedia booths may be used on a reservation basis.
Library will take reservations from the first working day of the previous month of use. To reserve a booth, fill in the Reservation Table for Multimedia Booths at the Circulation Counter. You may inquire about booth availability by telephone, but
reservation by telephone is not accepted.
You need to have a valid NMS network ID & password to use computers in multimedia booths.
Hours: 9:00-18:45 weekdays
Registered patrons for the use of Early Morning/Late Evening & Weekend/Public Holiday Extended Library Hours can use these booths between 7:30-22:45 (18:45-19:00 excluded) on weekdays, 13:00-22:45 on Sundays/public holidays.

Photocopy Services You can copy library materials only. You must observe the copyright restrictions upon photocopying.

Prepaid card- or coin-operated photocopying machines are available for self-service use on each floor. (Fullcolor copy machine is available on the 1st floor only.)

Standard black & white photocopy \10@sheet
Fullcolor photocopy \50@sheet

・A copy card vending machine and coin changer (a \1000 bill to ten \100 coins) is located beside the elevator on the 1st floor of the library.
・For \1000, you get 102 copies. (A \3000 card for 320 copies is available at the student hall.)